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Vegetable gardening tips for Beginners 

Vegetable gardening proves to be very beneficial if you choose the right plants. You don’t have to rush to the market to get your favorite veggies. You can easily get them by growing them in your garden.

Starting a vegetable garden might not be easy for most of you but it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a garden of your own. All you need is to follow some steps to become successful in your gardening journey.

Tips to start vegetable gardening:

Choose your location wisely 

This is one of the major steps toward creating a vegetable garden because if you choose the wrong location for your garden you will not get the expected results. As we know that plants need sunlight in the process of photosynthesis to prepare their food. Therefore choose a location where plants can get maximum sunlight for at least six hours. Also, make sure to water your veggies. You must have a water source located nearby. The most simple and easy method to water your veggies is a drip irrigation system that connects to a spigot.

Pick the correct plants 

You must know the veggies you want to grow in your garden. Cold tolerant plants must not be grown in the summer otherwise they will turn bitter. Many plants like broccoli and kale can’t tolerate heat and turn to flower soon. Therefore choose your veggies wisely and according to the season.

Better to start with a small garden

If you are starting, it is advisable to start with a small garden for a year or two. You must have an idea of how many plants you need to grow. Try to grow those vegetables which you eat often and like to eat in the beginning. Planting container-friendly veggies are the best way to start. There is no need for a yard for them, a sunny deck and a container would be enough.

Healthy soil is a key to a successful garden 

Before starting a garden one of the major things you need to know is that your soil is nutrient-rich and healthy. Your garden will face difficulty in flourishing if you haven’t prepared the soil properly. Generally, fall is the best time to start a vegetable garden. First, clean the area of weeds and other debris like rocks and sticks, and then smooth the surface with the rake. Use a tiller or another suitable garden tool to work the soil. The organic matter inside the soil is very essential for healthy vegetable gardens. If the soil lacks a sufficient amount of organic matter then you can add compost and manure. Compost is very vital in improving the texture, fertility, and drainage of the soil. After the soil has been properly worked, you are all set to plant your veggies. Thus, it is necessary to plant each crop in the garden with appropriate time-check, seed packets, or other resources.

Weed control is necessary

Weed control is a crucial factor in creating a healthy vegetable garden because these weeds compete with the other veggies for light, water, and nutrients. Mulching is one of the major things to suppress weeds. It will not only help decrease the weeds but also retain soil moisture and watering needs through the summer.

Keep a journal

Jotting down notes about your garden in a journal is one of the best things to do if you want to grow as a gardener. You should keep a record of how your plants are growing, things that worked well, and things that didn’t. Keep your journal simple and make sure it has enough space for planning, making important notes, and generating new ideas.

Final words 

If you want to grow a beautiful and healthy vegetable garden make sure to pay attention to its maintenance. Water your veggies daily at least once a week. Plants require more water during summer. To retain moisture make sure to add mulch. Don’t forget to pick the ripened crops when harvesting season begins as it will encourage production and on top of all eat and enjoy fresh veggies from your garden.

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